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Our pride AHOM tea

AHOM tea is the pride of Assam, much like the warrior clan of ancient Assam. AHOM tea stands for excellence, quality and the commitment to quality standards of the teas that we put into each bag we sell. Sourced exclusively from our own gardens located in Assam we grow and manufacture our own teas in two states of the art factories, our teas are flavoured by large corporate who buy our teas to blend with lesser quality teas and sell them at huge profits. With AHOM we bring you single garden teas packed at source brimming with flavor and aroma of Assam so that you can enjoy and experience Assam TEA unblemished by other lesser varieties of teas from other reasons.


Our Product

AHOM STRONG This is easily recognised by the golden and dark brown packaging. This one is for people who like their teas STRONG which is the trade mark of Assam teas and offer a stronger cup and deeper liquor and a very rejuvenating cup every time.

AHOM PREMIUM This is recognised by the green and dark brown packaging. The premium range of tea is lighter on the palette and has a very pleasing aroma and taste, this tea is sourced from our second flush of tea that the Assam teas are renowned the world over for, available for a few select weeks in the month of May and June much like the very loved Alphonso mangoes we packaged this champagne of teas so that you may enjoy it year round.